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Public Information

How to Request Information

The Macon County Mental Health Board believes in open government and supports public access to its records. The Board will comply with all State and Federal laws, rules/regulations and HIPAA requirements to safeguard confidential client information.

In order to better facilitate the receipt of your information, please carefully review this information. If you have any questions you may contact the Board’s FOIA coordinator listed below.

Requesting Information and/or Public Records

You may request information and records online using our Request Information Form.

FOIA requests may be submitted in person during regular business hours (excluding holidays) or via mail, facsimile machine or electronic mail. Any request for a document shall be considered a FOIA request, regardless of whether the FOIA is mentioned. The requestor or a Board staff shall complete a standardized request form. The requestor shall be asked by Board staff to complete and sign the form. If the requestor refuses to complete the form he/she will be asked to sign a form completed by staff. The form shall include contact information, the date and the specific information being requested. A copy of the form shall be given to the requestor. Staff shall forward the request to the Board’s FOIA coordinator.

The Board’s FOIA Coordinator

The Mental Health Board’s FOIA Coordinator is the Executive Director, Timothy Macken. He will review your request, determine if any of the information requested is exempt from FOIA and then gather the eligible documents. You may contact Mr. Macken at:

Timothy Macken, Executive Director
Macon County Mental Health Board
141 S. Main St., Ste 601
Decatur, IL 62523

Receiving Requested Information

You may receive the requested information in two ways. You may elect to review the records at the Board’s offices. You may do so during regular business hours (excluding holidays). You may also elect to receive copies of the requested records. The Board charges 15 cents per page of copied materials. Payment is due before the receipt of the materials. You will be notified if the cost of copying is more than $5.00.

If Your Request is Denied

Certain materials are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. If the FOIA coordinator determines that a record you are requesting falls in that category he will deny the request. You will be notified of the denial and referred to the portion of the Act that contains the exemption. You may appeal the coordinator’s decision in writing to the President of the Macon County Mental Health Board. A written notice of appeal must be sent or delivered to the Board’s main office (141 S. Main St, Suite 601). The Board President will respond in writing within seven working days.

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