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MCMHB Invests in the Minds of Our Community

We work with agencies who invest in the behavioral health of our community. They are vetted and accountable to the results they provide MCMHB.


About Our Providers

The Community Mental Health Act [Ill. Rev., Ch. 91-1/2m, pars. 300.1 et seq.] (the Act) provides that a Community Mental Health Board, a unit of local government, will plan, fund, coordinate, and evaluate public services and facilities for the treatment of persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse problems in its geographic area. The Macon County Mental Health Board (the Board) makes rules and regulations to administer services and facilities that it directs, supervises, or funds consistent with the provisions of the Act.

The Board is committed to being a responsible trustee of Macon County’s mental health tax. The Board believes that purchasing individual client services best meets its commitment to assure quality services at reasonable costs.

Contracted Providers

Macon Resources
2121 Hubbard Avenue Decatur, IL 62526, PH: 217-875-1910

WEB: www.maconresources.org

Macon Resources, Inc. (MRI) is a 501c3, non-profit agency that provides comprehensive services that promote growth, independence, and self-worth for children and adults with disabilities. Independence Pointe, a former Easter Seals affiliate, merged with MRI on January 1, 2015 and the combined agencies now offer services to over 850 children and adults. MRI provides home visiting prevention services for at risk children, ages birth to three, full time child care for ages six weeks to five years, after school and summer programs for children five to seventeen, group and individual respite services for families, tutoring, behavioral analysis, socialization programs for children with autism and speech and language therapy.

Adult services include developmental training, vocational development and placement, residential housing, community support services, financial and counseling assistance for farmers with disabilities, weatherization assistance, transportation determinations and medical equipment loans. MRI also operates a production facility to provide training opportunities for job development while fulfilling prime manufacturing and service contracts. The agency also operates a no-kill animal shelter Homeward Bound Pet Shelter, which provides adults with work training experience.

Decatur service locations: Adult services and production facility are located at 2121 Hubbard Ave… Discovery Depot, Autism services, Speech Therapy, Agrability, Weatherization, Equipment loans and transportation determinations are located at 2715 N. 27th St. Homeward Bound Pet Shelter 1720 Huston Dr. Children’s Center, Bright Start and Kid’s Connection at 1811 S. Taylor Rd.


Crossing Healthcare (formerly Community Health Improvement Center (CHIC)
320 E. Central Ave., Decatur, IL 62521 PH: 217-877-9117

WEB: www.chealthctr.org

Crossing Healthcare is a federally qualified health center that provides primary outpatient medical care to Macon and its surrounding counties. Since 1972, Crossing Healthcare has been operating as a non-profit organization comprised of medical professionals who are driven to provide quality care and service to the community. Providers at Crossing Healthcare are passionate about bringing the best care to those with the highest need.

Heritage Behavioral Health Center
151 N. Main St. Decatur, IL 62523 PH: 217-362-6262

WEB: www.heritagenet.org

Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Inc., celebrated its 50-year anniversary in 2006, tracing its origin back to March 1, 1956. Then known as the Mental Health Clinic, accepted its first client on April 10 and has been providing continuous service ever since. In 1967, the Alcoholism Advisory Council for the Decatur Area was established to provide substance abuse services. In 1970, the Mental Health Clinic became the Decatur Mental Health Center and established an inter-locked relationship with the Alcoholism Advisory Council. In 1987, the Alcoholism Advisory Council was merged into Decatur Mental Health Center. DMHC continued its steady growth and became the primary provider of community-based behavioral health care in Macon County. In 1998, Decatur Mental Health Center became Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Inc. Heritage provides comprehensive community-based services to treat the most serious behavioral disorders and links them closely with providers of inpatient care; we provide these services to over 4,000 people annually.

Catholic Charities
247 W. Prairie Decatur, IL 62523 PH: 217-428-3458

WEB: www.cc.dio.org

The mission of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois is to extend to all the healing and empowering presence of Jesus.
Through our competent and compassionate ministries, Catholic Charities will:
Support the dignity and sanctity of human life at all stages of development and growth;
Value families and the sacredness of marriage and work to strengthen them; and
Provide hope and help to those in need.

Youth Advocate
202 E. Eldorado St. Suite A, Decatur, IL 62523 PH: 217-422-7864

WEB: www.youthadvocateprogram.org

The purpose of the Youth Advocate Program is to provide a wide range of services to at-risk children and their families. This purpose is grounded in the belief that children best develop into productive adults in a permanent home and that a family represents the most desirable home environment.  In turn, if a family receives our services we work to help the family preserve itself in a responsible manner and to provide the child with love and nurturing guidance.

Dove, Inc.
788 E. Clay St, Decatur, IL 62521 PH: 217-428-6616

WEB: www.doveinc.org

Dove is a coalition of religious organizations, volunteers, and advocates that seeks to coordinate efforts to address unmet human needs and social injustices. Dove works for justice, equality, and understanding among all people. Dove’s Objectives are:

  • To develop and promote well-managed programs and services which effectively address societal problems and individual needs.

  • To advocate for just and equitable treatment of persons and groups, individually and systemically.

  • To recruit and involve volunteers in the work of Dove and other appropriate organizations.

  • To minister to religious organizations and groups by offering opportunities for the witness of the principles of love and servant hood.

  • To recruit volunteers and serve clients without regards to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, ancestry, marital status, military status, unfavorable discharge from military service, sexual orientation or disability.

Student Assistance Services Located in Various Settings in Macon County

Student assistance services are personal counseling services designed to provide early intervention, brief counseling, and referral for student and/or family problems. Counseling is done in school to provider all students equal access to services and eliminate barriers to agency-based counseling caused by transportation, conflicting schedules, agency stigma, lengthy delays between the onset of problem and beginning of treatment, inconsistent follow-through and financial limitations.

Decatur Public Schools, Department of Student Services
101 West Cerro Gordo, Decatur, IL  62523 PH: (217) 424-3026

WEB: www.dps61.org

Maroa-Forsyth Schools, 101 Cedar St. Maroa, IL 61756

Meridian Schools 728 S. Wall St. Macon, IL 62544

Mt. Zion Schools 455 Elm St. Mt. Zion, IL 62549

Warrensburg-Latham Schools 430 W. North St. Warrensburg, IL 62573

Boys & Girls Club
859 N. Jasper St. Decatur, IL 62521 PH: 217-422-9605

WEB: www.decaturilbgc.com

Our Mission: To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring responsible citizens.

Core Values: A Boys & Girls Club Provides a safe place to learn and grow, ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals, life enhancing programs and learning opportunities.

Macon United Methodist Church, Meridian Hawk Hangout
190 W. Bell St. Macon, IL 62544 PH: 217-764-5133

EMAIL: maconumc@gmail.com

The Hangout provides a safe and nurturing place where Meridian Middle School students can complete homework assignments and receive academic assistance after regular school hours. It will provide incentives for academic achievement and recognize academic excellence with awards and fun activities for the students. This helps prevent substance abuse.


Tyler Yount Foundation, LTD
WEB: www.overdoseawareness.com

Tyler Yount Foundation, Ltd. is a local non-profit organization. The Foundation purchases and distributes emergency overdose kits (naloxone) to trained emergency overdose responders. The kits purchased with Mental Health Board funds are for emergency use to treat a narcotic overdose. Each responder receiving a kit is trained and certified in its use by the Foundation.

Contracts with Macon County Law Enforcement Offices

Macon County States Attorney’s PH: 217-424-1400

WEB: http://www.co.macon.il.us/states-attorney.php

Macon County Sheriff’s Department PH: 217-424-1321

WEB: www.sheriff-macon-il.us

Macon County Public Defender PH: 217-425-7011
Macon County Court Services PH: 217-424-1444


The Macon County Mental Health Board currently contracts with the Macon County States Attorney’s Office, Macon County Sheriff’s Department, Macon County Court Services, and the Macon County Public Defender’s Office all collaborate with to provide mental health services to persons involved in the Macon County’s criminal justice system.

We work with agencies who invest in the behavioral health of our community. They are vetted and accountable to the results they provide MCMHB.