Woodford Homes, Inc.

Woodford Homes, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1974. This organization strives to provide quality, affordable housing for low income individuals with a mental disorder and those with a mental or physical disability. Woodford Homes, Inc. supplies or builds facilities, as well as subcontracts with community agencies who provide building management and supervision. Woodford Homes, Inc. is guided by its board and contracts with the Macon County Mental Health Board (MCMHB) for administrative support. Residential services supported by Woodford Homes, Inc. and the MCMHB span across age groups, disabilities and services. Each location serves a specific target population using a group home setting, supportive housing setting or crisis housing setting. The newest housing entities Camelot and Charles Street are separate corporations but staffed and coordinated by Woodford Homes, Inc.

To date, Woodford Homes, Inc. has developed nine multi-faceted homes in the Macon County area for up to 105 adults and 10-15 youth.

Locations Include

Brick Building on Wood Street
1025 West Wood
Located on the west side of Decatur, this facility is equipped with fifteen apartments for adult with developmental disabilities.  Wood Street offers a supportive housing setting with a live-in manager.

Brick Building on Prairie Street
327 West Prairie
Located near downtown Decatur, this group home is for adults with diagnoses of mental illness who are transitioning from nursing homes. The facility is staffed 24 hours per day.

Home at Timari Court
111 Timari Court
This residence, which was built in 1982, is located on the south side of Decatur and provides a group home setting with staff supervision for up to eight adults with developmental disabilities.

Brick Building on Pine Street
403 North Pine
Located on Decatur’s near west side, this eleven unit apartment building provides two-bedroom, supportive housing for individuals with diagnoses of mental illness.

House on East Orchard Street
1421 East Orchard
Built in 1980, this residence provides a group home setting with staff supervision for up to ten adults with a serious mental illness.

Brick House on Hilltop Drive
3 Hilltop Drive
This facility provides a home setting for youth in crisis.  Hilltop can provide temporary shelter for six locked out and homeless youth at one time.

Split Level Home on Norwood Drive
2749 Norwood Ave.
The Norwood property provides a group home setting for teen-aged girls who require child welfare services.  The girls served in this facility have diagnoses of behavioral disorders or severe emotional disorders.

Apartment Building on Camelot Court
4005 North Camelot
This supportive housing facility contains twelve one-bedroom units for adults with a mental disorder and/or a physical disability.  A live-in building manager lives on the premises.

Apartment Building on North Charles
3597 North Charles
Modeled after Camelot Supportive Housing, this facility contains twelve one-bedroom units for adults with a mental disorder and/or physical disability. A live-in building manager resides on the premises.

Board Members

Nora Duncan, President
Christopher Siudyla, Vice President
Missy Batman, Secretary
Dr. Mark Bridge, Treasurer
George Virgil
Erwin Arends
Phil Romano
Robert Ohlsen, Emeritus Board Member