Substance Abuse

Amount funded to Substance Abuse Services for Fiscal Year 2019 (7/1/2018-6/30/2019)

Service Description: Deferred Prosecution- Assessments, drug testing, pre-treatment education and drug treatment are provided in this collaboration with the State’s Attorney to offer a second chance to first time offenders facing drug charges. This is an alternative to incarceration for non violent first time offenders who have a substance abuse problem.
Service Provider: Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Inc.
FY 2019 Funding: $13,500

Service Description: Substance Abuse Services – An array of treatment sevices that includes but are not limited to admission and discharge assessments and level I and II individual and group counseling. Also includes reimbursement for some medical medications not covered by Medicaid or insurance.
Service Provider: Heritage Behavioral Health Center, Inc.
FY 2019 Funding: 31,500

Service Description: Deferred Prosecution Case Management – The case manager provides a linkage between the state’s attorney’s office and Heritage Behavioral Health Center, coordinates services and tracks each participant’s progress.
Service Provider: State’s Attorney Office
FY 2019 Funding: $24,605

Service Description: Prevention services – Smart Moves is a program to provide alternatives to youth to promote a drug-free lifestyle. This is an after school center based program.
Service Provider: Boys and Girls Club
FY 2019 Funding: $15,893

Service Description: Prevention – Meridian Hawk Hangout provides an after school program for at risk youth that emphasizes academic success for students in parts of Macon County.

Service Provider: Meridian School District
FY 2019 Funding: $29,783

Service Description: Treatment – To prevent fatal drug overdoses by providing emergency overdose kits along with training in their use.
Service Provider: Tyler Yount Foundation, Ltd.
FY 2019 Funding: $4,500