Developmental Disabilities

Amount funded to Developmental Disability Services for Fiscal Year 2019 (7/1/2018-6/30/2019)

Service Description: Consultation on applied behavioral analysis programs for children 4 and 5 years old with autism.
Service Provider: Macon County Mental Health Board
FY 2019 Funding:$4,500

Service Description: Pre-vocational summer work experience – For special education youth, ages 14 – 21, who have a developmental disability. Work readiness and work related skills are taught, and a variety of specialized experiences are provided for individuals with developmental disabilities.
Service Provider: Macon Resources
FY 2019 Funding: $196,746

Service Description: Social Skills Develepment – Provides adults with developmental disabilities social and leisure activites while associatiing with their peers enjoying community experiences. Teaches liesure time structuring and appropriate social interactions.
Service Provider: Macon Resources
FY 2019 Funding: $40,102

Service Description: Parents’s Night Out – Provides supervised recreational activities for developmental disabled children and their syblings in order to provide respite for the parent(s).
Service Provider: Macon Resources
FY 2019 Funding: $28,077

Service Description: Transition Vocational Summer Services – Vocational and work experiences aimed at preparing the older adolescent with developmental disabilities to transition from school to a work environment.
Service Provider: Macon Resources Inc.
FY 2019 Funding: $14,045

Service Description: Early Intervention 4-5 – A pool of funds awarded individually on behalf of the 4-5 year old child and family for specific services. Services include, but are not limited to, speech therapy, developmental therapy and physical therapy.
Service Provider: Varies by grantee
FY 2019 Funding: $4,500