Timothy F. Macken, Executive Director    Email:
LeAnne Shoemaker, Director of Financial Operations   Email:
Lisa Tangney, Financial Specialist   Email:
Rachel Roettger, Administrative Assistant/Human Resources Specialist   Email:
Ralf Pansch, Director of Contracting & Residential Services   Email:
Tom Powell, Facilities/Maintenance Specialist   Email:
Heather Gude, Administrative Assistant   Email:
Shalon Hyde, Specialty Courts Coordinator   Email:
Ray Batman, Consultant/Compliance Officer Email:

Child & Family Connections #19 (CFC #19)

Debbie Floyd, Manager   Email:
Amy Farmer, Assistant Manager   Email:
Jill Book, Service Coordinator Specialist II   Email:
Judy Busing, Service Coordinator   Email:
Kim Casteel, Service Coordinator   Email:
Lisa Cervantes, SE Consultant and Service Coordinator   Email:
Chrissy Giorgi, Service Coordinator   Email:
Judy Marucco, Service Coordinator   Email:
Sara Patterson, Service Coordinator Specialist I   Email:
Cady Sanborn, Service Coordinator Email:
Tammy Robinson, Parent Liaison   Email:
Ruthie Wheelock, Service Coordinator   Email:
Beth Wood, Service Coordinator   Email:

Residential Housing Staff

Thelma Mathews, Residential Housing Coordinator   Email:
Kelsey Shanahan, Residential Housing Coordinator   Email:
Cinda Sliffy, Wood Street Live-In Manager
Wilbur Dumas, Camelot Live-In Manager
Charles Jones, Charles St. Live-In Manager
Terry Quinn, Residential Maintenance Technician
James Strothoff, Residential Janitorial Technician