About Us

The Macon County Mental Health Board is a unit of local government operating under the provisions of H.B. 708, Illinois Revised statutes, also known as the Community Mental Health Act.

The Macon County Mental Health Board was created by a referendum approved by the voters of Macon County in 1965. Through the passage of this referendum, a property tax levy was established to support the Mental Health Board’s mission to assure that a comprehensive and coordinated system of effective and efficient public mental health services is available and accessible to all of the citizens of Macon County in need of such services. The Community Mental Health Act defines mental health services as those services related to mental illness/mental health, services related to developmental disabilities, and services related to substance use.

Each year, levied funds are distributed to various organizations to provide services for residents of Macon County related to mental illness/mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance use. The Macon County Mental Health Board supports services for over 12,000 individuals in Macon County annually.

The Mental Health Board engages in planning activities designed to better determine the mental health service needs within Macon County.  The Board oversees the provision of disaster mental health services and critical incident stress management for emergency service providers.